Shield Mountain Outdoors Precision calls made by hand in Craig, Colorado

The Bruised Banana!


This single reed is made of thick, super stretchy latex. This our simplest call to use. This is a nice mid to high range call that can double as a satellite or if tuned just right, herd bull bugle. Lots of range for cow calling. This call is named after an old yellow and brown jacked up Dodge pickup truck that hauled Steve around during his early years of bow hunting. The truck actually belonged to his 90 lb mom, but she let him use it on his hunting adventures. It had a 6 inch lift kit and the brown and yellow paint made it the ugliest truck in the Yampa Valley.  Amongst family and friends, it was known as "The Bruised Banana". 

Click the link below to get a sound sample of the Bruised Banana :

The Bruised Banana 1.0