Shield Mountain Outdoors Precision calls made by hand in Craig, Colorado
  • M.E.W.


    One picture could not some up what this post means to us.  I wanted to name this call after my brother because of his love for elk hunting, his family, and this country.  I scrambled thinking of submarine names such as Parche, Ohio, Fast Attack. The  it dawned on me his initials were M.E.W...."MEW"! Our favorite sound in the forest.  This call is special to us. It is a universal, medium loudness cow/locator bugle single reed prophylactic call.  It is a tool that can be used in the sacred elk woods.  Somehow I believe he has been there for me all these years. I believe he has guided the elk to me and me to the elk. We are hoping a little bit of that will be passed on to each of you.  Furthermore, we hope the foundation of integrity, sacrifice, grit, and honor Michael Everette Walls stood for and his life as a true patriot will live on!  A portion of every dollar you spend with us will be donated to support our veterans.