Shield Mountain Outdoors Precision calls made by hand in Craig, Colorado

Heart Attack


The soft and quiter tones of this call are designed to help elk close the distance and put the finishing touches on a wary bull. Make sure your breathing is in check and you've taken your blood pressure medicine before using this call because it brings elk so close, it could give you a heart attack! With the right technique, the soft tones associated with this call combined with our hyper flex grunt tube are guaranteed to make you a ventriloquist of death.  This call is a single reed made with super thin prophylactic material and is durable to a point, meaning you have to be sure and rinse it after use and always keep it in a case when not in use. It does not have the same shelf life of some of our other calls, but its super sweet, easy to blow sound makes it a must! See our video to understand the techniques we use to get elk close. 

Listen to Heart Attack at the link Below!

Heart Attack Sound Clip